Friday, May 20, 2011

NEWS : @ USA Cricket
     - Nabeel Ahmed to guide USA cricket into a new era...
      We do feel any leadership of USACA will embrace the CHA as the goal is same - Rajiv Podar

$$$ Multi-Millions $$$
T20 in June 2012
with teams 
four / six / eight 
$ound$  very exciting !!!

getting away completely from 
the NACL lawsuit 
that seemed
interesting  and  very  serious ...

The International Cricket Council (ICC) , cricket's global governing body, endorsing the initiative chief executive Haroon Lorgat said
“We are extremely supportive of the new partnership and their efforts to grow cricket within the United States. We wish them all the best,”

USACA President Gladstone Dainty who lead the contingent to get CHA deal done, sharing the effort and credit to his board, says you cannot have hope to utilize the commercial potential without American input, in the form of players and this agreement provides USACA with the ability to grow the game from grassroots to the elite level.

Singapore's Podar Holdings International Pte Limited director Rajiv Podar says that The United States has a huge potential to grow the game and is going to be one of the biggest destinations for cricket. Adds he is told there are 48 domestic cricket leagues ( in the US ) and an estimated 200,000 people play cricket.  

In his latest interview with Dreamcricket Mr Podar says "Our vision for cricket in USA is same as that of any cricket lover – to see the game and talent develop and grow in USA. This will start by giving it a profile and where possible, have the best players in the world play in America. ". He adds "We do not see USACA elections effecting CHA as it is a separate entity with its own board. Moreover the entity is for the common goal – the good of cricket. Hence we do feel any leadership of USACA will embrace the CHA as the goal is same." and indicated that the NACL lawsuit did not bother as the "The fact that we have decided to go ahead with the agreement and investment ". He added " We are sure that you ( Dreamcricket ) will support our initiative and help promote factual and positive news for the development of the game

Justin Vaughan, NZC chief executive said "With a population of four million, New Zealand is a limited market place, We have historically punched above our weight through leadership and innovation. Cricket Holdings America LLC is a significant step in diversifying our long-term revenue base."

Dreamcricket says The point of inflection in USA Cricket's development is finally here.

Newyorkcricket says Out of the blue United States cricket seems headed for prosperity with the much needed financial shot-in- the- arm required to take its game to the next level

ESPN Cricinfo says Nabeel Ahmed to guide USA cricket into a new era. 

Uncle Sam asks if the CEO had anything to do with this deal? and says Strange that he was removed by the Board of Directors. Is there a reason for the same? 
USACA Ex-CEO : Why the go? before the multi-million dollar DEAL!

Sam Sooppersaud, Congratulates President Dainty and his committee for brokering this deal. Did he forget about the NACL lawsuit?

Sam Sooppersaud, NY advises everyone "not to jump the gun" and wait to hear the entire "story" before making any preconceived judgement. 

His report is as follows 

It is sad that in our efforts to improve cricket we have to be subjected to numerous negatives. I am sure that the people at USACA did what they thought was best for the improvement and publicizing of the game. But I advise everyone "not to jump the gun". Wait to hear the entire "story" before making any preconceived judgement. The officials in USACA did what they had to do. 

Keep your heads up, boys, anyone can file a law suit. It does not mead that the respondent did anything wrong. It is simply a "legal procedure".

KWYAT! for USACA Admins ...

Waiting for a spokesman or an official from USACA to shed light on whats going on behind the scenes to the stakeholders of US Cricket so that every mind rests in peace. No word yet out officially!